Talk To Me About Rouens


8 Years
Jun 3, 2011
Hello all! I recently acquired a Rouen duckling to keep in my apartment as a pet

I have ordered a diaper harness from Nettie, and I am just wondering if there are any experience Rouen parents out there who could give me any advice on this particular breed.
mannerisms? what they like? dont like? their noise level, etc?

any hints/tips to keeping a happy, stable duck would be hugely appreciated!!!


9 Years
Nov 18, 2010
Crestview, FL
If you are only keeping one. Give it a mirror to keep it company and be absolutely sure it is eating on its own! Give it attention all the time if you want it to remain friendly to you. You do not have to be actively playing with it, but it must be in your presence.


8 Years
Feb 10, 2011
Oh You LUCKY Thang! Wonderful breed.
They LOVE peas. They love people. (Mostly the peas though) lol
The noise will vary depending on if you are there or not.
But you need to know, They are very messy! I can share some pics from hatch until 3months if you care to see. Plus the peas. you most likely need 1 more duckling of about the same age if you will be leaving the one alone while you work, but if you are there all the time it may still imprint on you.


9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
Upper Lake, California
I have Rouen ducks. 1 drake & 1 hen at first. I didnt get them as babies they were about 7 months old and not as friendly as if they would have been if i had them younger. they have gotten use to me now and they are neat ducks they know when I'm outside & they start talking/quacking away at me they have a neat personality & "love to swim" 24/7 if they can. On March 10th I hatched some duck eggs from my hen & drake in the incubator, was only successful with 1 egg to hatch. I have kept and raised my ducky who I named "Lucky Ducky" for the obvious reason(lucky to have hatched) I raised "him" in the house by him self till he was 10 weeks old. I put him outside during the day in a fenced area on the grass with an aluminum 5 inch deep turkey pan with luke warm water to play in.(from 2-4 weeks old) then I made the fenced in area a little bigger with more water to swim in. My family thinks I'm nuts ever since they seen me, everyday empty & refill the little pool with clean, warm water(not cold water from the hose). I started with a small plastic tote for a brooder, then I got a large plastic tote till finally I had my hubby put a pen together for me. I put newspaper down then I put puppy pads down over that. I put a couple layers of pads, it made it real easy when i picked up top dirty pad then a clean pad was ready to use. Since ducks ARE SO MESSY I would take paper towels and lay them all over the pads so in between, before i went to bed or incase company came over you could pick up the paper towel after every time he went to the bathroom so it didnt pile up & he didnt keep stepping or laying in it. So by the next morning your duck wouldnt be full of poop. yes i went through almost a roll of thick paper towels everyday along with using pads. Also I have a bunch of old towels/rags and i used a couple of towels to put under the water thingy(everyday) to help absorb the water they spill & dribble all over. It helped BIG TIME.. just had duck laundry a lot. You need to have their food & water for them all the time. I Finally put lucky ducky outside with my other ducks at age 10 weeks. I can tell he loves being outside & he comes running to the gate when he hears me & follows me around the pen and pecks the back of my legs gently. He is so cute,friendly,sweet,tame an awesome pet. He is now 12 weeks old. yesterday. ~SORRY I MADE A STORY OF THIS, JUST TRYING TO HELP~

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