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    May 7, 2017
    I have had chickens for about 5 years, we started with 6 females, about 3 years ago we were asked to take a rooster from another farm that was fighting. We brought him home. In the past year he has attacked me and my daughter. He is aggressive. About a year ago one of our original 6 hatched out 6 chicks, we gave away 4 as our flock was too large for the space. The 2 we kept ended up being one hen one rooster. A chicken hawk helped themselves to 5 chickens before we stopped him.

    We were left with one original hen, the rooster we adopted, and his to offspring, one rooster and one hen...Oliver, the alpha is aggressive, Oliver jr. Defers to him, first they started picking on the one original hen, then the other hen joined in, they will not let her eat, drink, or leave the hen house, if she does, Oliver beats on her, the Jr does, then the hen does...

    I bought 6 chicks in February, I placed them in the chicken coop with the one hen they pick on. They have been fine together. I left the terrible 3 outside the coop. They have had ample space to free range and shelter. They can stand outside the coop area and see the new chicks. We have had good weather and wanted to attempt to see if i could mingle them together with the terrible 3....they had minor incidents with the new chicks....pecking to establish positions....no big deal...but the original hen....they jumped her, cornered her, and all but killed her. I penned the little ones and her back up....

    Can someone tell me what to do? Can i trust them with my new chickens? Im at a loss....other than killing the alpha rooster....and relocating the trouble hen...
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    I would have been rid of that rooster long ago, and at this point all 3 would go.
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    Oliver should have been dinner long ago given that he is human aggressive.

    I think you have 3 choices. Cull the hen they all attack. Cull the 3 terrors. Or cull all 4 older birds and start over.
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    I agree with this.
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