Taste, texture and overall satsifaction of Meat or DP birds..


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Jul 11, 2014
Orrock township, Minnesota
I bought an assorted package of colored egg layers this spring, they are now 16 weeks old and going to camp this week.
The package includes:

Dixie rainbows
Production Reds
Black Sex Link
Red Sex Link
White rock ( only one and a hen so not eating her)
Black Australorps
Buff Orpingtons
Delaware ( hen)
Barred rocks

Those are the ones I ID'd. The largest number was EE...lucky me,,,,sigh...

I am wondering has anyone ever marked their packages by breed so they can try the different breeds on the table?

I plan to do this, so we can see what we like about each breed, or don't like.

If you have I would appreciate your input as the meat quality and why you think that.

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