Taste/Texture of birds on Fermented Feed

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    Feb 14, 2012
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    I 've seen comments scattered across some other thread about the taste of chicken that were fed fermented feed. I thought it would be interesting to collect peoples comments in one place.

    This thread is about the final product.

    If you want to discuss or learn about the fermenting process start with this thread (the later posts go a bit off topic):

    This is what I have noticed compared to non-fermented:
    - The chicken has very little smell before cooking
    - The cooked meat has a very clean taste - sweet and juicy
    - After a couple of days in the fridge the leftovers still taste like chicken without the strange over tones that I notice in non-fermented.

    There must be a difference - the people I sell to are lining up for the first batch this spring. Many of them comment on the taste compared to other small farm chicken.

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