Teen Chickens Attacking Chicks-NEED ADVICE PLEASE!

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    I have an existing flock of chickens ranging in age b/n 17-19weeks. I've also been raising 11 CRx that are 8 weeks old now. Last week I attempted to mix the 2 groups out in the coop because the CRx had outgrown their brooder. Things seemed to be ok until last weekend. the weather was really cold and rainy and the older birds spent more time in the coop.

    On Wednesday I discovered that 2 birds had large wounds on their left thighs. The feathers were ripped out and they were injured down to their thigh muscles. I've brought both injured birds into the house, cleaned their wounds, and quarantined them so they can heal. The other 9 CRx have some feathers missing in the same exact spot.

    I'm not sure if the older birds pecked the heck out of the younger birds on the left thigh or if they injured themselves trying to squeeze themselves in b/n the roost and the wall trying to get away from the older birds.

    The remaining 9 in the coop have been built emergency seperation shelter to keep them safe. The 2 in the house have nasty looking wounds. The wounds are clean and I've put tea tree and lavendar oil on the wounds as an antibacterial measure. They're pooing, eating and drinking normally. The wounds are clean with no signs of infection.

    Here's the big problem. The CRx are due to go to the processor next week. I'm wondering what I should do with the 2 injured birds? I'd love any advice. I'd like to have them processed with everyone else, but I don't know if I should based on their injuries.

    Thanks for you help,
  2. mylilchix

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    Bumpin' this up, I could really use some help on this!!
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    I think the short answer is that you shouldn't mix the two ages....
  4. mylilchix

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    I realize that now!! I'm just wondering what I should do with my injured ones that are due to go to the processor?

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    I'm not sure if you can process the injured chickens. Maybe call the processer and ask them what to do. In the future, it's a good idea to keep the younger birds separated from the older ones. The older ones will always pick on the younger, smaller ones. Now you know and can be prepared for the next time.

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