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    Nov 5, 2010
    A couple of times I have had a hen lay an egg that's no larger than a yolk. When I crack it there's no yolk developed, or just the beginnings of a yolk. Almost like the hen layed the egg before it was ready... any idea why they would do this? I'm not sure which one is doing it... but if it makes any difference they are brown eggs (most of my layers are Isa Reds...).

    I'm new to raising laying hens, and loving the variety of things I see in these eggs that a person would NEVER see in a store. I've seen some massive sized eggs, different textures... some have ripples in them, speckles, some feel like sandpaper while others are smooth as a baby's bottom so to speak. As well... do any of you know what causes such a variety in the eggs, like the ripples in the shell, or the rough texture? I'm just curious. [​IMG]

    Thanks everyone!

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    The little eggs, called fart eggs or wind eggs, are just what you thought they are. A glitch at the egg factory. They happen from time to time and are nothing to worry about.

    Here's some info. on the different egg abnormalities you can encounter in backyard flock:


    For the most part, these egg defects are nothing to worry about.
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    I've never heard these little marble-size eggs called "Wind" eggs. I've heard called "Wing" eggs.

    But, yes, this is normal from time to time. I save them to show my grandchildren.

    Not to worry.
  4. redonthehead

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    Nov 5, 2010
    Thanks to both of you!

    I'm saving that web link in my favorites - I've already found some great information on it... just yesterday I ran across several of those defects. Nothing I worry about as the eggs are entirely for our consumption and close friends/family, butgood information to know. And I know what I can do to prevent some of the defects too.

    Thanks again!


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