Teeny eggs


Aug 12, 2019
Right! Nothing bad intended here by saying this, my husband is Hispanic and they just love to pick on me and kids about the birds and other "country" behavior we have. It's all in good fun but honestly I'd expect them to be all about the chicken life!
Maybe if we hit a point of sharing eggs they'll understand. We live in Texas. San Antonio so honestly it surprises me that everyone doesn't have any in their backyards!


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Jan 27, 2020
Do you have quails? That's what that sounds like to me.. I bet it was adorable!
Nope, it was a full size chicken. In fact, I weighed her mother a couple days ago and she was 6.6 pounds. She has the biggest feet, and a deeper voice than my roosters! Her name is Dragon, and her kid's name is Rachel. Rachel hatched at a YMCA as part of a display project I was doing and she hatched with membrane over her face and couldn't breathe, and we named her after the lifeguard who rescued her.


Aug 12, 2019
Goodness! That's a story for her to have. What breed are they?
My red is very loud and deep. She sounds like a manly seagull actually. I always say that shes the only one who gets my jokes cause it sounds so similar to laughing.


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Nov 27, 2012
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ut i was wondering if it's normal that her eggs are so tiny?
All pullet eggs start out small...30-40 grams.
It can take days, or weeks, or months for them to get to that birds 'normal' size.

I once got a speckled egg about the size of a quarter.
Nope, it was a full size chicken.
Probably a 'fart' egg.
Fairy, fart, wind, rooster eggs are usually from a tiny piece of tissue breaking loose from the reproductive tract, or an immature ova(yolk) and the body forms an egg around it. Color can be darker than 'normal' as the pigment coating released has to cover a much smaller area so is thicker. Can happen with any age layer, but more common with older layers.

I think it's explained in this excellent video, which is worth watching regardless:

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