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    I am taking excerpts from the August/September issue of "Backyard Poultry". This is the second time running the article.

    The jest of the article is warning bird owners of the dangers of using Teflon Coated Light Bulbs for heating their coop. The Teflon is VERY toxic and if you attempt to use one you will wake up to a dead flock.

    "'On Feb. 6, 2011, a woman in New Hampshire bought GE's light bulb Rough Service Worklight 100 and it killed her whole flock." It has Teflon coating and Teflon is toxic to birds." She took 4 birds to the Univ.of NH Extension Service veterinarian, Dr. Inga Sidor, where an electron microscopy of the lung tissue was performed and it showed the birds were gassed to death. It showed otherwise her birds were healthy" She also states that the light bulbs are 100 watt but she has seen them in 75's also. The reason she purchased this light bulb is because they advertise shatterproof.

    "Some of the company's have put labels on their packaging but GE has not yet complied according to any communications that she has found thus far." Sylvania is one of the companies that does label their product.

    In the article is states if you are going to buy a light bulb to warm your chickens MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT CONTAIN TEFLON!

    Some of you might already be aware of this danger, but there are a lot of members that might not be aware of this danger.

    I hope this has been helpful to you. I just can't see anyone unknowingly kill their chickens trying to keep them warm.

    Thank you for your interest - Jakenhoss (Ginger)
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    In that case I am going to take a $1,000,000 like insurance policy out on my wife and then buy her a Teflon coated skillet!!![​IMG]
    Honey, what was that thump I heard? Honey are you all right.... HONEY!!!! Just kidding.
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    Your too funny. [​IMG] It's just for the birds not wives....or husbands.
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    Apr 11, 2011
    Actually, there have been reported cases of people accidentally leaving Teflon pans empty on a stove burner that was left on, and they end up extremely sick and in the hospital. When the pans are empty, they release the same toxic gases into the air as the light bulbs....maybe not so funny after all :/
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