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9 Years
May 9, 2010
Egglanta, GA
I have a few questions on computer viruses. My computer is brand new, so I hadn't installed any "anti-virus" software yet.

It has found a lot of viruses, and the only sites that I have visited on this computer are BYC, Gmail, Facebook, and one time YouTube. Could it be from any of those sites?

Also, should I trust the anti-virus software thing called "Mac protection- world's leading virus software" (or something like that)? It wants me to register to get rid of the viruses and have "computer safety"... Should I call the Apple store?

And, one last thing... Some disgusting/disturbing websites keep on randomly popping up on my screen. Anyone had that happen before? It happens every few minutes. Could a certain member of one of the names sites be doing this?

Thanks. Sorry, I haven't had any viruses before.

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Is your computer a mac? If not then no, don't trust the software. Your computer is infected, that is where the pop ups are coming from. Do a google search for microsoft security essentials and install it. Make sure you are downloading from microsofts website.
Any virus scanner that you did not go buy or chose to search for an download is a virus its self.

Those pop ups are a virus too.... Its probably not a website that gave it to you. These new viruses spam IP addresses till they hit a PC that is not updated (new PCs) to block them. Then they use that PC to spam more while doing what ever they were programmed to do too...
The virus may have modified your proxy settings. If you can't get to any of the legit antivirus websits you will need to change the proxy settings in internet explorer.
I haven't installed it... Well, it is a new family computer. Maybe someone else in the house installed it.

it is checking the computer for viruses, but it says that I need to register to "clean up" the viruses.
The only, and I mean ONLY antivirus software you should ever see on your mac EVER is something you SPECIFICALLY installed, I may just be a computer freak, but take your mac to a mac store ASAP and have them get the fake antivirus software off of your mac, I unknowingly did this once and my computer basically froze up, every time I logged in all these pop ups would come up from the fake antivirus software and I couldn't use it for a couple weeks, until I spent $100 getting Norton anti virus. I am quite good with computers and have had to debug a couple of school computers when the teachers installes this "great free antivirus program"
just get rid of the virus the "scanning" is really infecting.
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I did some searching and it does sound like this is a new mac virus going around. Do a software update and make sure you have the latest operating system patches installed and it may clear it up. It sounds like macs may no longer be 'immune' to this sort of thing (they never really were but it wasn't profitable for the hackers but macs have gotten more popular so it is getting more profitable). I guess we need to break down and pay for an antivirus solution for our macs. It looks like both norton and eset have one. I am going to look into it more later tonight, I don't want my 9 year old son getting those pop ups
Thank you all! This is good to know.

Trust me, you don't want ANYONE getting those pop-ups.
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