Tell me all about safeguard ASAP!

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    Jun 15, 2015
    One of my roosters started looking a little pale yesterday. I'm not sure if he has worms, but they've been medicated for everything else. And, since I don't wanna take any chances, I ran to tsc and got some safe guard for goats. It's the liquid kind.
    I want to give orally. As in put in needleless syringe and squirt down their throats.
    I have bantams and standards. I also have one adult tom turkey and a pair of peacocks I also want to treat.
    If you know the dosage for any of those, that'd be great!

    Also...withdrawal time. Isn't it a week? And what if I want to hatch the eggs? Is it just for eating, or hatching too?

    Thanks for any input!!!

    I know most people give safeguard via water but if you'd seen my watering system you would understand why that is all but impossible...

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