Temp and humidity changes during incubation


Jan 6, 2014
Has anyone had their bator temps go down by a bit say a week into the process? At day seven my humidity level plummeted from about 55% to 30 and the temp went down a degree. I of course adjusted it. Just curious. Thanks!!
Humidity fluctuations aren't as dangerous as temp. spikes. IME, as long as you notice and correct the temperature quickly, it shouldn't really affect any embryos. :)
I ran my humidity on around 55 and had a lot of chicks die on day 20-21, It was suggested to me to run 30-40 for the first 18 days. So it should be just fine. My temp sometimes changes a degrees but that hasn’t seemed to bother anything. As long as it’s in the suggested range and not to high or to cold.

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