Temp spike during lockdown


Jan 11, 2016
Help! We are approaching the end of day 19 and started our lockdown yesterday. Today I got home and saw the temp on my incubator was reading 39.4 c. I think this is almost 103 f. it might have been that hot for 3 hours.
How sensitive are they to a spike like this during lockdown? We had 7 left out of an original 12 (4 were clear at day 18 and one dead at black eye stage). My kids are counting down the hours until they hatch and it's going to be so disappointing for them if I have fried their chicks! :(

Our problem is that it is about 35c outside right now so the incubator just can't cool itself enough in the middle of the day.
I added some tap water to the water trays and took the lid off for about 30 seconds to let the temp in the incubator drop. It has been holding steady at 37.5 ever since. Will they still hatch, do you think?

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fun times, I was just visiting with a gal who wanted to know when to help. I told her if it pips a hole don't help before 24 hrs after a pip, and then if you ever see blood that means the chick is still digesting a large lump of yolk, if it has a pip it is just breathing and digesting. Def talk to someone before diving in...happy hatching, I have some probably hatching tomorrow, or the next day, I say next day because it usually goes, peeping in shell, 2 days to the hatch, pip hole, maybe one more day. when the chick does start the zip it goes quick...(zip, not pip)

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