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10 Years
Feb 4, 2009
Not sure what I did but the temp in the bator spiked to 104. I went to bed at midnite and it was 99.5 at 7 am it was 104.3.

What are the chances some survived?

thank you
The temps in my LG have been up and down like a roller coaster. A few times when I went to bed it was right at 102, and in the morning, including day 21, it was 106. During temp spikes I'd add a bit of water to cool it down, and even open the incubator to let some of the hot air out. So far 6 out of 14 have hatched. Good luck with your hatch!
I opened it up as soon as I saw it.

Well I will let you know what i get in 27 days
I have the same question...
First time incubating eggs and today is Day 21, we've had some temp fluctuations (the incubator had to be moved Friday as well) and I am concerned about the chicks, several have pipped and one has hatched, when they first hatch do they kind of lay there breathing for a while (like a couple hours), he seems to be moving around now, but no one else has come out. I see eggs moving and hear chirping so I think things are okay, but have been worried about temp issues (got down to 96 and up to 104 in the past few days and again this morning). I wondered about opening it for a second to let it cool, but worried about dropping humidity (no way to tell what humidity is in there- have just kept water in a dish inside). Thanks for the help- first time at this and I don't want to mess it up!

Don't you feel like a crazy nervous mother????? I have 4 grown children and this is bringing me right back!!!
Man, I'm right there with you. I don't get it either!!!!! I have the same story pretty much. I have read so many different stories of people hatching eggs with heating pads, electric blankets, just out in the open with the heat from a freakin' desk lamp, and of course tons of home made incubators, all with great success. However, I bought a little giant bator and watch my eggs like a hawk, have 4 different temp gauges and all seems well, but then for whatever reason, at least 1 day during incubation, either thru the night or when I'm at work I'll check it and boom!!! It will spike to 103 or 104, even if the outside air of the room has gotten colder. I don't get it, but it pisses me off!!!!!

Oh yeah, my first hatch attempt, I got nothing, all dead. I waited 25 days and nothing, then did a post mortem and checked and all were fertile and developed, but just never hatched. I'm on my 2nd batch now and out of 15 eggs, I have one that hatched this morning and this is day 23 and no activity from the others. And I don't mess with them ever or even candle them, just watch temp and humidity. So those spikes have probably been the reason for my terrible hatch rate.
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I had horrible temperature spikes in the beginning and have 9 now on lockdown due today and tomorrow. At last candle they were all moving. I would not worry too much but I am a newbie and do not claim to know much and am still learning but they seem to be very hardy.
I have a digital hygrometer/thermometer in my 'bator, and am confident it isn't accurate. On day 21 I took 6 paper towels and soaked them in warm water. I keep adding water every few hours. I had an issue yesterday with a shrink-wrapped chick who is still trying to recover, and now I'm paranoid. At this point, I feel as long as the eggs aren't wet and there's not condensation in the incubator, I'll keep adding water. Keep an eye on zip time and how the inner membrane looks. If it appears white or plastic-like, I would moisten it with a very slightly dampened finger to loosten in up (just my opinion).
ButtercupFarm : I use a cheap hydrometer that I got from a petstore, Its a little about size of 50 cent peice. I had a fance therm/hydro until I dropped it so I ran up and pulled the hydrometer out of my humidor and I still use that. My chicks after hatching seem to sleep alot or just lay for awhile.

This is my fourth batch and I do not have confidence in myself, also this is the first time of haveing the temp do that

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