Temperature differences when using an egg turner


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Jan 25, 2016
Hi, y'all,

We have a hovabator genesis and an egg turner. Thing is, when our thermometers are on the floor of the incubator get a very close reading to the hovabator built in thermometer. When the thermometer is on the egg turner it reads a couple of degrees higher. Does this matter? Should we set the thermostat based on what reading we would get on the floor, or what reading we are actually getting on the turner?

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Thermostat should be set according to the temp at the top of the EGGS, as that is where all the development takes place.

Even in my circulated air bators there are definite variations. I move eggs to a new place in the bator EVERY day to help ensure even development. The turner motor itself will put out some heat as well.

Also some surfaces will read higher if you actually touch them with the thermometer. Meaning plastic might feel cooler or warmer than wood or metal at the same exact temp.

Happy hatching! :jumpy

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