Temperature Fluctuations and Humidity not increasing!!!

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Feb 25, 2010
Brentwood Bay, B.C.

My DH and I have built our own bator and this will be our first time having chicks and hatching them to boot

I am in test run mode before we pick up our eggs this Friday. Everything seems to be working well, but I just want to know if a temperature fluctuation will harm the eggs. From what I am seeing, the temperature is reaching 101F, then the light turns off and then it turns back on around 97F. Is this alright? Our bator is rectangular in shape so this may be causing the issue, but I could try a stronger light bulb to have a more steady temperature (currently using a 50W). Any thoughts?

Also, our humidity level just hovers around 40-43%. Do I have to keep adding water in there? I just added a third bowl with sponge.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm...

Thanks for the help

I will try to post a pic....if I can find out how

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The whole humidity thing is a big can o' worms but certainly yours is well within the range of what lots of people use successfully, if your hygrometer is correct (have you checked it with the salt method?)

For temperature, are those air temperatures or water wiggler (or fake egg) temperatures? If it is water wiggler or fake egg temperatures, it is too much variation; if it is air temp only, who knows, put a water wiggler or fake egg in there to put your temperature probe into and see what happens.

One thing you can do to decrease temp fluctuation is to put jars of water in any available empty spaces in the incubator (although not *right* up against the lightbulb or thermostat). Other options include using a slightly lower wattage bulb; or using two much-lower-wattage bulbs, one of which is on constantly and the other of which is in the thermostatically-controlled socket.

Good luck, have fun,

The temp that I am reading is air temp, not the fake egg. I have not heard of that trick before but would like to know more about it. Where can I get a water wiggler?

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