Temperment of Polish lace roos


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May 27, 2009
Melbourne, FL
I have 4 red sex link hens. We're wanting to add to our little flock. I just fell in love with these polish chickens. Just gotta have one. Went to order some, but they don't sex them. Have had REALLY bad experiences with roos. Was attacked several times as a child by this monster roo of my father's who just owned the back yard. He hated everyone buy my father. We bought 8 "pullets" 2 yrs ago turned out 4 were roos. We were going to keep them anyway cause we loved them. One flogged me and I took them back to the fella. Wasn't even gonna go there again. My neighbor had a silkie roo and he was the sweetest thing on earth. Any chance that the polish roos are sweet as well, and will they get along with my sex links. We were goin to get a couple more sex links and buff orp. as well. All thoughts are appreciated.
I had a GL roo on time and I hated him, he wasnt mean, just spastic and flighty as heck, he'd jump and flail himself around when I walked by his pen for no reason, and I raised him from a chick just like all the other birds and he still didnt trust me for anything so he was lucky enough to make it to the sale without me shooting him first.

But I'm sure there are some that have sweet ones, but I had a bad experience with the one I had so it can vary from bird to bird.
Never had hatchery Polish roosters before, but my Tolbunt colored boys are very laidback and very friendly. One of them used to be a bit too dominant towards me but has mellowed out quite a bit now.
Show quality Polish are very humble and laid back... Mostly because they can't see due to their crest.
I've had hatchery stock on the other hand that were very flighty and mean.
It may be that breeders select for good personality and hatcheries don't give a care...
My two boys can see perfectly fine. Most Polish males, especially non-bearded, can see quite fine. You must remember that females are to have a nice, thick, globular crest - Males have a crest with a slight sweep backward, and to add, their feathers rise up quite a bit more, giving enough room for the eyes to look forward at you.
Aggressive or very panicky Polish roos are not so rare. Sure, you will get someone who chimes in with sweet n nice Polish roo, but there are more than few stories of Polish that are super mean or so afraid they fail and thrash about at the slightest thing.

My last straw was when I walked into a Polish pen with a pail full of water.. a hen went under, suddenly freaked and jumped straight up into bottom of bucket. She died instantly. No More! Did not help the roosters were the worst crowers ever, crowing almost every minute all day.

It must seem I hate them but no, actually like their looks a lot.. just enough is enough.

For a nice roo, your best bet probably is to hunt around for an already full grown and mature roo with good personality. Or just have pullets/hens only. Polish hens if you really want a polish? You never know with chicks of any breed, not even silkies.
Thanks for the replies. I reckon I'll just stay away from the polish and stick with the red sex links and possibly buff orp. I just love those polish chickens. They are so beautifuly. Thanks again

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