Temps dropping fast

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    My small flock have a insulated coop. I don't heat but the water. Our temps are plunging in Pa. Very, very cold tonight. Will my flock be alright since they haven't been in this kind of cold before. Thank u, leilani
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    You don't say how old they are, but if they are fully feathered, they should be ok a long as the coop is draught free. If you are really concerned, you could put up a heat lamp or regular light bulb. I personally, don't, 'cos I'm paranoid about fire. Our temps here have reached -11F so far and they seem to be alright - grumpy but alright, Sue[​IMG]
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    Thank you, Leilani
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    May 14, 2013
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    Hi Leilani
    I live close to you half an hour away Longwood Gardens Area. My Rooster has severe frostbite from
    last weeks low temperatures. I was concerned about infection so I took him to

    an aviary vet in West Chester Boot Road Veterinary Clinic. His name is Dr Rob.
    He was referred by New Bolton Center for any Aviary problems.
    The medicine he gave me Trimethaprin sulfa tabs to keep infection from happening.

    He also gave me Silvadene Cream to apply to any frostbitten combs. It is helping.
    He told me any frostbitten areas will eventually fall off. I have no heat in my coop and yet I am
    thinking about putting one of those radiant heat panels in their. It has a safety shut off but
    we can attach this to the wall. Here is the link if you are interested.

    Target has the best price as it is not chicken oriented. I will order it today. Maybe we can connect
    through private email. Kodi (Lynn)

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