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Mar 22, 2010
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lol my first egg happened this Saturday, from my Dark Brahma. It was a beautiful STRONG shelled sonofagun, and I don't like eggs personally so my 5 year old nephew was the first egg eating tester. When I asked what he thought he looked at me quite seriously, flashed all ten fingers at me and said "Ten thumbs up!" I guess he forgot he only has TWO thumbs but I took it as a compliment! LoL!

Here is the egg

And here is the tester!
beautiful and BIG egg. adorable nephew.. You have got to try your own eggs... EVEN if you don't like store eggs, fresh eggs are the best!
I tried it and it WAS good! I also made brownies yesterday with that day's egg
I thought she would lay every other day, but she is in the nestbox right now popping out today's breakfast! She is a hard working gal!

Funny though, she doesn't sing the egg song. She yells and yells at ME, or for me, and then goes from coop to coop trying to find the best place. If I don't follow she lopes over to me and YELLS again. She likes the company I guess! She is a sweetheart and total lap chicken now, I love Brahma's!
It's about time, congrats!

It surprises me how large everyones' first eggs are. My firsts were TINY, and today they are small to medium, for my production reds at least. The EEs lay large eggs.
You are her roo and she wants you to know she is doing a great job! I have a couple hens who call the roo to the coop when they are ready to lay, HE will prepare the nest box for the hen and will chortle to her while she lays. He then sings the egg song with her.

I agree 10
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It makes sense now! Thank you Horsefeatherz!!
She has turned into such a sweetie, I really enjoy Brahmas now
She is a good layer and the eggs are tough to crack compared to store bought eggs! It's neat

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