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    We recently built a new coop and bought 12 chicks. They lived in the new coop for 4 months by themselves while our older 6 lived in the old coop. When they were big enough to go out in the run, we let them out for a few days and then brought the big chickens over. They are all fine in the coop itself, but the big ones control the outside. They will attack any of the babies as soon as they step outside. It is getting colder now so none of them are out as much, so they are okay for now. However, I need to find a way to let them all be friendly while outside once Spring comes. I don't want 12 full grown chickens being trapped in the coop for the rest of their lives.

    *these guys have been together for two months now, with no change*
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    Time will help. Integration is a slow process. In time the flock should integrate and the youngsters will be allowed to mix and mingle with the older group. They may still tend to stick to their original groups, but the lines should begin to blur a little over time. Here's a great write up on integration that everyone should read:


    Good luck.
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    I had 3 different age groups and mine free range. Never any serious fighting, but for at least a year I had two or three groups of chickens. Now they all wander around as one flock.

    If they were mine, in late afternoon I'd kick the older ones out of the run into your backyard or whatever, then run the young ones out of both the coop and the run.

    Another option is to run the young ones out of the coop and close the coop.

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