test post-please ignore-seeing if my pic came up(pic ignorant)


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
central ohio
did it come up?
I have been trying forever to get an avatar(?) and it kept telling me it was too big. well- it finally accepts my attempt at making the pic smaller then it displays this blob of a pic at left. I HATE COMPUTERS!!!!!! my son tried to help me and he has the patience of a tasmanian devil. will attempt to get pics up soon.I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!
I have a feeling there is NOT a pic to the left. my computer will NOT let me copy/paste, whatever THAT means, and people keep telling me how EASY this is and I have been in tears trying to do this and am NOT unintelligent. It should NOT be like trying to read french(that is if you are a non french speaking person) and my chickens will be stew by the time somebody can actually patiently get thru this with me! VENTED!!!! sorry.
Don`t feel bad I have been tryinh for weeks to show pictures of my new coop and my chickens but can`t figure it out,they have tried to help me to I JUST GAVE UP!!.i have no trouble posting pictures on other sites only this one,if you figure it out please let me know step by step what you did.
I copied this from one of Nifty's posts. Hope it helps:

A Quick Update: How To Add An Avatar:

An avatar is the small picture under your userID. Here is how you can add one to your profile:

1) Make sure you are logged in
2) Click the "Profile" link in the top menu
3) In your Profile click "Personality"
4) Make sure you check "Use avatar"
5) Click "Upload avatar"
6) Choose an image from your computer.

NOTES: The image must not be any bigger than 100 x 100 pixels and 15240 bytes (15 KB).

If you can't resize your image try the following:

1) Visit: http://www.shrinkpictures.com/
Browse for the image and set the Custom max size to 100 and click "resize"
3) Save the resized image to your computer and then follow the steps above.


Uploading an avatar:

Shrinking an avatar using "IrfanView"


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