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It's All About Chicken Math
12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
I have my Splash Orp hen, Olive, she lays Olive Color eggs. I have 2 of her daughters, they both lay Olive eggs. What I would like to do is get 3-4 people willing to hatch a dozen plus of these eggs, raise the hens to laying age and keep records for me. I want to know how many lay the green eggs and what colors the hens are that lay those eggs.
I have one splash and one blue that do this. (Plus their Splash Mother)

If you are willing to committ, I will send you 12-18 Olive Orpington Eggs for shipping only.

They are in with my Black Rooster (Son of SPeckledhens Suede)


The Splash Daughter

I would like to do this. The only thing is I would not be able to set them until April 2nd. I am taking part in the Easter Hatchalong and will be out of town until then. Would it be possible to ship the eggs in late march? My husband would be home to get them. Very cool prospect olive egging orpingtons! I have a blue and black flock right now that I wanted to add to anyway.
Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

Can you ship out this Monday?

Yes, I can ship Monday. I sent you a PM​
I would love to help out as well. Please let me know if you have more spots available.

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