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Do you need a rooster for a hen to lay eggs?

What is the most common comb type?
2.) single

What is a male turkey called?

What is a male duck called?

do chickens have ears?


Some geese have a knob Where is it located?

Does a pea comb look like a pea?

When a bird is molting, what is it doing?
8. losing and replacing feathers

What is the main difference between bantams and large fowl?
9.) Bantams are small

What is on a duck’s foot that helps make it a good swimmer?
10.) Webs


What is on a duck’s foot that helps make it a good swimmer?
10.) Webs

Where is the spur located on a chicken?
11. Back of lower leg.

Does a hen normally lay more than one egg a day?

Where on the body of a chicken would you find a muff?
13.) Chin and cheeks

What is the body part called where the egg or poop comes out?
14. Cloaca

What mineral is important for good egg shell formation?
15.) Calcium

Due to a spreadsheet malfunction, I had a couple of duplicates. :oops:
#11 & #17 are duplicates
#18 &# 20 are duplicates


Where is the preen gland?
16. top of back close to tail

Where will you find a spur?
17. Back of lower shank...

Do chickens have an appendix?

Where will find the comb?
19.) The top of the heasd

Do chickens have an appendix?

21. 2 ???

Chickens have two kidneys.


How many kidneys do chickens have?

How many toes does a Salmon Faverolle have?

Is the cushion comb common?

What is this called?

24) egg tooth

What is this called?

25.) Bean

You will find a snood on a chicken chick, a duckling, or a poult?
26.) poult

What gas can be produced my manure that is toxic to chickens?
27.) ammonia

What is a male goose called?
28) gander

How many primary flight feathers do most poultry have?

What is a flock of geese called?
30.) gaggle

What is a baby guinea fowl called?
31.) keet

Which of the following temperatures would work for incubating eggs-95, 100, or 105 degrees?

What type of comb does a Sicilian Buttercup have
33) buttercup

What does “dual purpose” mean?
34.) meat and layer

what is a neutered roooster called
35.) capon

Which sex deterimes the sex? Male of female?
36.) female

What is the hairy patch on the front pf a turkey called
37) beard?

What type of bugs are these?

38.) Lice

What type of bugs are these?

38) sticktight fleas

What type of worms are these?

What type of worms are these?

41. roundworm

If a baby duck is a duckling and a baby goose is a gosling, what is a baby swan?
42. cygnet

What is the horny protuberance on top of the Guinea Fowl head called?
43) helmet?

On what species will you find caruncles?
43: turkeys?

Many starter feeds for baby chicks are medicated. What disease is the medication able to prevent?
45 coccidiosis

Are cocci and coccidiosis the same?

What time of day do duck usually lay their eggs?
47. morning

What species of domestic fowl have a penis?
48. ducks

What vitamin deficiency is the most common cause of leg problems in ducks, turkeys, & peafowl?
49. niacin

What internal parasite can be found in the crop, esophagus & the intestines?
50 capillary worms

What species of fowl hatches with semi-developed flight feathers?
51.) Peacocks

If you breed two black Muscovy ducks and they produce a chocolate duckling, what sex is the duckling?
52. female

What organ is connected to the crop & the gizzard?
53.) proventriculus

If you cross a Muscovy male with a Pekin female, what is the progeny called?

How long does it take for the following eggs to hatch: chicken, call duck, duck, turkey, & muscovy duck?
21, 26, 28, 28, 35

What disease affects all poultry but is most devastating to turkey & peafowl breeders?
56.) Histomoniasis

All birds have air sacs. Can you name th air that is only found in male ducks?
Syringeal bulla?

What time of day do peafowl usually lay their eggs?
58. evening

What color?

59. Golden

When do Emus lay eggs?
60.) November-March











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