Tetanus question. Dh is injured

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DH was installing hardware cloth and a piece of it punctured his wrist all the way to the bone. This morning it is swollen quite badly. Could it be tetanus?

He hasnt had a shot in at least 10 years.
It is always a good idea to get a tetanus shot with an injury like that.

Hopefully there are no red streaks around his injury as that is a sign of blood poisoning.

Just to be on the safe side, he should get it checked.
What does it look like around the wound? Obviously red and swollen but any red streaking? I think he should get a shot just in case. Puncture wounds are tricky versus the more superficial because bacteria goes in a lot deeper and is harder to reach when cleaning.
It went in on his left wrist on the outside, right between those two little bones that you feel if you flex your wrist. The whole joint area is swollen and very red. No streaks....he would be in the clinic by now if there were...lol.

And the hardware cloth was not brand new, it had been in the coop. Thats probably why I am most worried. The whole bacteria factor.

I would be less worried if I could 'see' a place that looked pus filled or obviously infected. But there is nothing other that all of this swelling.

A good soak probably wouldnt hurt huh?
I think it is probably infected, but not tetanus. I think I would go ahead and get him to the doctor for antibiotics. Infections from puncture wounds are particularly bad, because they can form abcesses under the skin with nothing showing from the outside except heat and redness.

Tetanus and lockjar are the same thing. He should get the tetanus shot. If he contracts tetanus, an antibiotic will not do the trick. The antibiotic will just kill the bacteria, leaving them free to release the tetanus toxin into his bloodstream. Tetanus does have an incubation period, so he has a little time.
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I agree with Mom'sFolly - a deep puncture wound gets all kind of nasty infected! DB did that to his foot - didn't go to doc and got a bone infection very nasty! It should be cleaned by a pro and checked for joint, nerve damage too. Nasty bit of scrubbing is due.
Don't mess around with health... I've learned says the girl who was thinking muscle spasm? and not heart attack.

Infections can be deadly...seek medical attention. stat.
my son had the red streak and ended up in the hospital for 6 days when he was about 7 years old.
Edited to Add: Puncture wounds are the worst for causing blood infections because they tend to be deep and not bleed out like a cut would, they heal over in about 45 seconds so the bacteria cant get out
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