Tetracycline as a wormer?


9 Years
Oct 10, 2010
I went to the feed store and asked for a poultry de-wormer and he gave me Terra-Vet 10, Tetracycline. This doesn't seem right to me. Is it?
Well, that is what I told him and pointed it out ON THE PACKAGING. He argued with me. I'm no expert but I thought maybe I had missed something.

I will be interested if he just did not know what he was doing, or if You can use it.
It does not seem right.
We have really gotten brainwashed that there are people who know what is best for us, just because they are in a position where they should.

*I want to edit this to say that I do not think that you are brainwashed. I think I am more concerned about me. My first response would have been an emphatic NO, and then I thought, 'well, I do not have the package in front of me... can you? why would that work?"
believe half of what you see and none of what you hear I guess.
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Sadly, feed store personnel seem to be ignorant of chickens, for the most part. You have to know what you want and don't want when you go in there. No, antibiotics do NOT worm. He's 100% wrong, period. I have six feed stores in my local area and I've heard terrible advice given at each one numerous times.
Well, Actually he is right. Now rather or not he really knows or not is the ?. Tetracycline, like Hygromycin B will starve the parasites of proteins. Both must be fed over a period of days to be effective. Also there's several other antibiotics that works the same way. With that said, Wazine or some of the broad spectrums would be a wiser choice
I have to disagree. Terramycin is really a bizarre way to try to worm chickens, even if it would have some minor effect. It's not classified as a wormer. It's an antibiotic. Best to use a product made for the job at hand and hit it head-on, IMO.
Have to come in to say that I work at TSC and most of my customers come to us expecting us to know horses, cows, chickens, goats,and get quite upset when I/we have to say I/we have literally no idea! I am suppose to know how to wire a trailer, run a welder, fertilize lawns, and worm/treat every animal and know all the feed questions too. Geez...you own them, read a darn book, look on the internet! Call a vet!

For the money I make......I know a little about some things,and alot about others. I am honest rather than sell a person something that can or may harm their pets.

Sadly, feed store personnel seem to be ignorant of chickens

THis is one subject we actually know more, because many of us are chicken owners, and we have them on a yearly basis in the store. I am surprised at the lack of knowledge the shoppers have when buying them. I hate to sell some chicks to certain people. The chicks will surely die. There has only been one time we refused. Long sad story of a baby duck,that was sold to the dumbest person I have ever met to this day. She left mad.....oh well....LOL

Just my take from the other side of the counter!!

Sorry.....didn't mean to get off topic...​
It's not an indictment of all feed store personnel and wasn't meant to be. I have seen terrible advice given by every one of the six feed stores in my area. Why can't the person just say "I... don't... know" ? Would be so easy to admit that rather than give wrong advice. Sure, some know what they're talking about, but why do the ones who are clueless proceed to tell the customers what to do when they really have not the slightest idea? Of course, I do not expect them to know everything about every animal they sell products for, but I do expect them to say they don't know when they don't know. That, I do expect.
Oh I didn't mean to offend...by any means. I was just giving you my take on my job. If we say we don't know, which I do, they get mad. I am an honest person, and if a customer is going to get mad at me for saying "I really don't know", then by all means shop elsewhere.

I am sorry if my post came out wrong. I agree with you 100%. That person should have been honest, or if they thought they were, then agree to let you make up your mind IF 'you' thought it would help.

Again didn't mean to get off topic. Nor offend. Sorry if I did.

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