Texas, anyone want a Handsome man?

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    Mar 26, 2008
    San Antonio, TX
    I have a Beautiful young (8 weeks) Mix Roo. Daddy was a Gorgeous Welsummer and mamma was a PURE Blue Ameraucana. I hatched him from a beautiful BLUE Egg! So I think he has the Olive Egger gene, I was hoping for a girl, but with my luck, yes I get the Roo.

    He is not hand tame, but tolerates you once you catch him.

    He needs a new home because I also have a guinea keet in the coop thats around the same size and I brooded them together, but for some reason he started picking on the guinea! He bit the guineas toe off yesterday!!! I had to stop the bleeding on the poor crazy bird and now I think I need to find this handsome fella a new place since I am in the city I can't have many roos and I know I am going to keep a Roo from Speckledhen and possibly one of my new Delawares. So too many Boys on my plate! :eek:

    Anyone coming too San Antonio is Welcome to pick him up! I really wanted to see how he feathers out! He has beautiful colors already!!!

    I will update with a pick later today or tomorrow morning!

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