AllenK RGV

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Jul 23, 2017
Deep South Texas Laureles,TX 10A
Final post before off to bed before I wake the chicken up in a few hours. The wind is kicking up and out of the north now. No rain on the radar, but c'mon mid 70's I can get more yardwork done! We are down to only 86% humidity now. It has been a few hours since the AC kicked on.


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Oct 25, 2015
South Central Texas
The front blew in here yesterday around 4pm. Wind 20 mph, gusty, no rain but temps started dropping immediately. This morning it's 55°F @ 5:51am....just 5°F above freezing! :gigsoon as it gets light I'll check on my chicks and see if they survived the night? Lost 2 of the 6 already...both were runts or late hatchers.

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