Thank you for letting me join this group

Dec 15, 2020
North Hollywood, CA
Hi " ya'll", :) my name is Udo. I live in Los Angeles, CA. I am about to buy myself 4 chicken in the very near future. I already have a coop and I am almost done building my 10 x 10 chicken run in our backyard. I am so excited to be a future chicken " daddy". I want them for the eggs and somehow pets and give them the best life possible.
Breeds, I have several in mind. But I guess. It will depend if I can get them. I would like to have 4 different ones.
I am a huge animal lover. I used to enjoy exotic birds and had 2 aviaries with about 100 finches from all over the world and small hookbills and bred some of them. So therefore I do have some experience handling animals. Actually, I had animals around me all my life and also grew up on farmland back home in Germany/Bavaria as a child.
I am married to a wonderful man and we have been together for 21 years. We have a nice little house in a nice little neighbourhood in the San Fernando Valley in LA. We have 2 dogs. Our Schnauzer Luka and terrier mix Bella which we both adopted from the shelter of course. Until not so long ago I worked in retail but had to quit due to health issues. But might go back to work maybe next year.
I came to this country about 27 years ago because I fell in love with the American way of life and call it my home ever since. Sure I do miss my home country at times. But it is nice to actually have 2 home countries. :)
I actually don't recall how I found out about BYC. I am receiving its email for such a long time and today I finally decided to join it. I am looking so forward to find guidance and hopefully answers to a lot of questions I will have.
Best of Cluck establishing your flock!:frow

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