THANK YOU, Kathyinmo! The Quilts Are Here!


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Kathy, my dear friend, kindly agreed to use her longarm to machine quilt a quilt I pieced recently so I could begin hand quilting on a top she pieced and gave to me. Not only that, she made us one of her Quilts of Valor, a plushy-soft rag lap quilt! Kathy, the multicolored thread you used on my Crayola colored quilt was brilliant! I'd have never thought of it, but I love it! As soon as I finish hand quilting the purple and gold one you sent, I'll start on binding this one. Thanks so much, Kathy! You're such a love!

First, the super soft rag quilt:



Oh, I am so glad they arrived, and you like them! I enjoyed the process myself!

The Quilts of Valor quilt was made to honor you and thank you for serving our country. Without people like you and Tom, our country would not be what it is today, and we would not have the freedoms we too often take for granted.

In 2003, Catherine Roberts started the Quilts of Valor Foundation when her son was being deployed to Iraq. I contacted her, and she gave me permission to present you this quilt, as a, "Quilts of Valor," quilt.

I used a, "Sewing with Nancy," pattern on the rag quilt, and used flannel to make it really soft. The more you wash it, the softer it should get. I really like that pattern, and felt it was quite fitting for the occassion.

Your beautiful quilt was simply quilted, using a "meandering," pattern, to be more heavily quilted than some of the overall designs. I love the variegated threads, and thought it worked well with your colors. I used "Soft and Black," batting, made by the Warm Company, since the colors of your quilt are darker. I really like their battings.

Enjoy, Cyn, enjoy!!!!
wow, the soft one is simply.................heart-warming....the second one is just brilliant! I am speechless....which takes a lot, believe me!
WOW and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love super soft quilts but my Mom makes sewing machined quilts says they are much harder to work with because of their softness, more liable to pucker or pull when running thru the sewing machine.

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