Thank you ....


9 Years
Mar 19, 2012
New Hampshire
I want to specifically publicly thank all those who have helped me and especially Amiga who has been so willing to share her time and knowledge and answer my silly questions.. The ducklings are doing well... two went to their new home last night an I am left with the two that I am keeping... thanks to your help, the box is no longer soaking wet the ducklings are warm and dry and I have a plan for when they move to their bigger space... I feel like I have a much better handle on caring for these guys and I have you all to thank for that.

I am sure that I will have a million more questions as time goes on but for right now just know that your time and willingness to help is much appreciated.

Many people have helped me, both here and nearby. Of course, the ducks have helped quite a bit, clearly demonstrating that they do not read the books and do not always do "what ducks do."

Please keep us updated, ups and downs.

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