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Pat Porter

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Dec 26, 2020
What a wonderful opportunity you provide! My name: Pat Porter. Officially joined today although I've been lurking for months. I live in Oregon just about 20 miles east of Portland in the Cottrell neighborhood. On June 2nd, I acquired my third flock of chickens, 16 Black Langshans day old chicks. Previously I have had flocks of Rhode Island Reds. Humorously, one of my Black Langshans is white - LOL. I am enjoying the sweet nature of this breed very much. The pullets are beginning to lay eggs and the cockerels are beginning to turn into gallant roosters. I haven't had poultry for about 5 years and having birds again makes me feel whole - I know you know what I mean. I look forward to many years of sharing with like-minded folks and forming new friendships. - Pat Porter


  • Langshan Fav Cockerel IMG_2246.jpg
    Langshan Fav Cockerel IMG_2246.jpg
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  • Langshan Fav Pullet IMG_2248.jpg
    Langshan Fav Pullet IMG_2248.jpg
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  • Langshan Pals IMG_2255.jpg
    Langshan Pals IMG_2255.jpg
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