Thanks for being here BYC


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Jul 25, 2016
First post I think.
Been a member for four years I think.
All our ladies are Buff Orpington's.
Have four girls now but have lost six over the four years to dog, hawk and raccoon.
Was looking today, again, about keeping water from freezing here in New Hampshire.
All is good ... so far.


Jul 23, 2019
If you don’t have heat I can tell you what I’ve learned for my ducks, someone on the sister site BYH explained it well why...if you put 1/4 cup salt in an empty water bottle an let it float in your water basin/ will delay the water from freezing because salt water freezes slower. What it truly does...cow farmers do this in will take oxygen out of water and make a much thinner layer of ice and the animals can get access to the water. It works with my ducks. We have heated water, but two I do this...and there is some ice but the majority of it is just water. When there is no salt bottle to take away the oxygen, the ice forms a much thicker layer of ice in a shorter time frame. I hope this helps. I put duct tape around my bottles and just check them as I refill water.. I’ve never had an issue. I hope there is some useful information in there! And glad to hear from you and glad you enjoy reading the threads!
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