Thanksgiving turkey help


11 Years
Jul 30, 2008
Ok guys I bought a couple big breasted white turkeys. They are both hens. They were hatched in late May.
I will pick them up this Saturday.
It's been numerous years since I've raised my own birds for T-day and Xmas so give me your best suggestions on:

1. feed and living conditions.
2. When to butcher, how to store etc.

I can raise in a coop with run situation, coop and free range, coop and run with some free range.
I was just curious. They may eat a tremendous amount of food in the next two months.

I have not raised turkeys yet, it's something I'd like to learn more about. The guy I get them from for Thanksgiving just got his a few weeks ago.

Anyone know how loud they are at slaughter age?
The reason I bought two hens was so that I didn't have to put up with the potential gobbling. My guess is it will just be a few prrrrs and clucks.
So it sounds like a turkey and backyard won't go together. Do they start to gobble before normal harvest age?
The sound of a turkey's gobble doesn't travel as far as a rooster's crow...or a dog's bark for that matter but it seems to me they gobble every time there is a strange or loud noise.

I had 2 toms last year and while I was building a new coop, everytime I drove another screw they would gobble. The wife said they were my cheering section, told them not to cheer that much some of the screws missed, they didn't care. A loud clap, drop something, almost anything will make them gobble. I didn't find it annoying or loud.


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