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    Jun 30, 2012
    One of our hens just started laying a few days ago. Still sporadic, one every couple or so days.
    Anyway, today I observe said hen and while the flock was free ranging, she kept separating herself from the rest. Finally, she goes in the coop and starts messing with the nest bedding. I knew that she might be preparing to lay.

    I let the rest of the flock back in the run and she still hadn't joined them. About half an hour had passed before she joined them and true enough, there was an egg. No egg song though. I got the egg out and put it in the fridge. About half an hour later, all of thr hens wee inside the coop and I hear a loud bawking which Seemed to be like the egg song from a couple of days ago. Since my daughter was just about to nap, I didn't check them. After a couple of hours, I finally check them and no egg.

    Was that a super delayed egg song from the one who just laid an egg or do you think that might be some other hen who's just practicing?
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    It could have been delayed if the girl was still on the nest. It could also be another girl getting ready.
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    Oct 2, 2012
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    I heard the egg song for the first time in my flock today!

    One of my Barred Rocks has laid her first two eggs, but no egg song from her, just lots of groaning and moaning pre-oviposition, and silence after.

    But today one of my two Silver Laced Wyandottes, Stripèd, laid her first. The other SLW, Stormy, watched the whole time, and even at one point tried to get in the nest with her. When Stripèd finished, she put a few more straws on her back just cuz, I guess, and then broke out into a long, raucous egg song session. After a minute, Stormy joined in--at first just on the "buk buk buk's" , but after awhile getting out a very good imitation of the "b'gawk" too. It was like she was saying "Hey, WE laid an egg! Check out OUR egg!"

    None of the others joined in. Birds of a feather I guess.
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    Mar 30, 2011
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    I live the egg song, interesting, one of our buckeye roosters sings right along with the girls. :D. I couldn't believe big ole burley buckeye just bawk bawk bawgocking away!
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    Sounds about right..the last of our girls to "get with the program" laid her first today. I kept her in the run/coop as it was pretty obvious it would happen in the next day or two. It sounded like dinosaurs were at it...two times she lied to me...third time she did it. Of course she had a mid-wife with her, cheering her on. The rooster joined in as well....but what I love is how quiet it got when she was seriously on the nest, like everyone was pacing back and forth in the materinity waiting room...of course she did the "look what I did" song and then that was it.....for about fifteen minutes and she started up again as if to not let anyone forget she had arrived.
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