Feb 24, 2022
So I went out to the chicken coop probably about an hour and a half ago. While I was out there, I checked for eggs (there were none) and cleaned out their water container... I noticed one of my olive egger pullets acting funny... she was being very vocal and going back and forth from the water and a spot under the nesting boxes.

I realized that she was probably about to lay an egg so I patiently waited 10 minutes or so in the run area and then went and checked on her. Lo and behold she had laid an egg! So I now know who has been laying eggs for the past week and a half. She stayed sitting on it and wouldn't let me take the egg so I went inside for about 30 minutes to see if she would get off of it for me to collect the egg.

This is where it gets interesting.... I went back into the coop and in the corner where she laid her egg was now ANOTHER EGG! So now there are 2 eggs. Did she lay a second egg in that time span? Or do we have a second pullet egg layer?👀😅
I agree! Are those eggs brown though?
They are 😔 we got our olive eggers from tractor supply... kinda sad that they are labeled olive eggers when they are laying brown eggs... I know sometimes that can happen but I have 6 olive eggers and if they all lay brown eggs then maybe hoover's hatchery shouldn't label them as olive eggers anymore😅
you were exited one chicken layed two eggs?!?!?!??! 🤣 THat poor chicken. lol
Nnoooo lol😂 I was just excited to see 2 eggs! This is my first time raising chickens and I've only had one pullet laying eggs every other day. I've been wondering when her fellow flock members were going to start laying as well since they are the same age (minus the easter eggers, they are are 13 weeks old)

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