The $40 dollar coop.

Well done

I agree .. it looks awesome!
Nice solid framework, you have some building skills for sure.
Pics of the inside?

Sorry for this next bit, I see some possible problems, but maybe you're not done building yet.
It's probably going to need some more ventilation, a pop door that locks tight against nighttime predators, latches that are raccoon proof.......
.......and that chicken wire, it will keep chickens in but will not keep many predators out.
yea I already put more ventilation,still a work in progress,& the wire, my guard dogs pen is 5 feet away between the goats & chicks he is pretty good at scarin off the coyotes & critters thanks for the tips
I wish I could have kept my coop costs to $40! lol

Good job! It doesn't look like a $40 coop

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