The Accidental Rooster Keeper Catches Rooster!


10 Years
May 29, 2009
We finally caught the elusive rooster today. We used a dog crate and put his water bowl inside the crate. We tied a rope to the door and when he walked in, we pulled the door closed.

We called the farmers to inform them we were finally successful and drove the rooster out to their farm today. Watching the farmer holding him by the fence to the chicken yard and watching that rooster see all those clucking hens was a beautiful sight. Nothing is sadder than a rooster crowing and listening in vain for an answer. I couldn't take it anymore and had started crowing back to him in the morning. Our morning Crowfest. The farmer let him go and a half dozen hens immediately checked him out. I am very happy.

Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions.


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