The Bantam vs. Standard photo comparison thread!


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Jan 15, 2010
Hi there!

I am a relative newb to chickens, and I am going through the process of deciding on breeds and types right now. I've seen many lovely pictures of people's chickens on this site, but sometimes it is hard to gauge the size of the bird. I thought it would be educational to have a thread where people post a picture of their chickens, with something in the photo that gives a size comparison. Someone holding a chicken, a chicken next to a shoe, etc. Please state whether the bird is a bantam or large fowl in your post.


The second bird on the left is NOT a pidgeon. It is an OEGB.

Banty banty banty LF LF.....
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Athena, the black hen is a standard size hen, and Rainy in the back is a bantam

This is a TINY rooster, the board is 4 inches wide and he can fit on it
His name is Arista
Wonderful photos! Very pretty birds. Keep 'em coming please!

If you can state the breed or breeds involved, that would be great too! I'm nosy like that!
I have LF and I have Bantams. At the end of Fall last year I had to separate them though because the little Banty roos were getting WAY too mean with the LF roos. I'll include a few pics here and explain each one:

This picture is from late last summer. This is my younger daughter holding her Silver Cuckoo Maran roo Mystery. My daughter is a little on the small side for her age, but he really is a BIG bird, lol. He was about 5 months old here. My daughter was 9 1/2:

This is the same daughter, this time holding one of her Silkie pullets. Again, this picture was taken late last summer:

Here is one of my standard Silver Laced Wyandottes with my little bitty Bantam Mottled Cochin hen:

Here is my older daughter holding Mystery, the same Silver Cuckoo Maran roo that my younger daughter was holding above. This picture was taken about 4 days ago. He looks small in her arms, but he really isn't. She was just hugging him tight and he loved it!

And here is my younger daughter again (she likes posing with chickens, my older daughter would rather stick her nose in a good book! Lol!), this time with one of my two Amber Sexlink hens, Poachy. Amber Sexlinks are a cross of RIR over White Leghorn and are FABULOUS egg layers!:

Hope that gives you an idea of sizes. If I had to pick a favorite breed, for Bantam I would probably have to say Cochin, and for standard, I'd have to say Turken, Sexlink, and Marans. I like the calm temperments of the Turken and Maran, and I like the affectionate nature of my two Sexlink hens. That's just my preference though.
Well, I couldn't find the picture I was thinking of, but here are a couple that show size difference. These pictures are from last summer when they first started laying. Biddy is the same size, but her comb is a little larger and bright red. Baby is the same size, but her comb has grown a lot taller and it's bright red now.

Biddy, my EE, with her first egg.


Baby, my Japanese Buff Bantam, with her first egg.

Here's another picture from when my ladies were little chickies.

Baby is standing right in the middle. I called her Peanut for awhile because she was the shape and color of a peanut.
She was about 1/2 the size of the other chicks here. Biddy is to the right, washed out by the flash. She's watching for an opportunity to jump out of the cage into my lap.

Wow! Great Pics!

chicken_china_mom - Wow, Mystery is HUGE! I love the look on his face in the photo with your daughter hugging him! Do Marans come in Bantam?

welovechickens - I love Baby's baby pic, and your EE is beautiful. I would have loved to have seen the photo of your two different size EE's together, as Ameraucanas and/or EE's are one of the breeds I'm considering. (Your bantam Japanese is cute, but are they winter hardy?)

Please keep posting everyone. I'm especially interested in Ameraucanas, EE s, Orpingtons, and Wyandottes, although I think it would be great for this thread to have as many breeds as possible on it.


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