The best way to keep predators down!


11 Years
Mar 4, 2008
Check out the new addition to my farm. I know he will be a huge asset to keeping any 4 legged problems away from my fowl!

Great Pyranese, best chicken dogs out there. This won was born in a chicken yard, and has been around them from day one. They actually will learn to treat chickens as something they need to protect like one of their own!
OOOOOOoooo... I neeeed one of those!!! Seriously, I lost my last "inherited" rooster to a coon last night! He was old enough to know he should go into the coop at night, but chose to perch on top!!

He's so cute. Are his eyes different colors? If they are both blue and he is white - watch for deafness. Blue eye/white fur combination genes carry a really high incidence of deafness. I have a kitten (blue/white) that's either totally/mostly deaf or selectively deaf we haven't really determined which because they adapt so well.
One light blue eye, one half light blue, half brown. This is normal for these dogs. They also have and extra toe on the back feet!
We have several farms nearby with these fabulous dogs who protect sheep, goats and emus. Didn't know they would protect chickens too, but of course why not? He is a beauty.


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