The Biggest Little Rooster -- grandchickies on the way!!


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May 20, 2008
The scene is a 1 acre yard. In the back , just under the trees is nestled a little chicken coop. The tenants are 4 six month old beautiful RSL ladies. They pay rent of 1 egg a day each.
Halfway across the acre yard is the big red shed and the humans house. Inside that shed are the chicken freeloaders. They don't pay rent yet, being they are only 4 months old, and their new home isnt built yet. There are 10 of them- 7 little young ladies and 3 growing boys.
Every morning, the humanlady opens the shed door, and the 10 little ones come running out. Normally, they all run to the right-hand neighbors house and do some landscaping. They do bug control, weed removal and fertilizing. They are good little chickens- they don't even charge for all that work.
Then throughout the day, they visit the 3 left-hand neighbors houses to do more landscaping.
The Ladies of the big coop are let out at the same time. But they have to stay in their run untill the rent is paid. Once they have all paid, their run is opened, and they immediately run to the 3rd left-hand neighbors yard where they are spoiled, given treats and talked to by the older neighbor couple. This older couple gets a cut of the rent because the Ladies spend so much time in their yard.

So, as the story unfolds, one day, the biggest little rooster notices the 4 Ladies. And he realizes that the ladies are the same size as him, and they are nice enough to just squat and let him love them without too much of an arguement, if any at all. He noticed how pretty they were, with their light golden feathers and bright red combs. So he went over to them, and started dancing in little circles, showing the ladies how handsome he was. He tried to find little bugs for them to eat. He talked the charming talk. He was everything a gal could want- big and strong, handsome, romantic, a good provider and protecter...
But the biggest little rooster was torn. He had these 4 beautiful ladies.. but he also had his 9 followers who counted on him. Oh, the choice was tough..

When the humanlady let him out of the shed, the biggest little rooster took one look at his little flock, then looked at the beautiful ladies in their run. He tried to resist, but it was like a vaccuum pulling him, and he ran back to the beautiful ladies pen. He ran back and forth, trying to get in, to reach his beautiful ladies, but alas, there was a fence between them.
As soon as the humanlady came to let the ladies out, the biggest little rooster followed, having waited in anticipation for HOURS. And the ladies run out, and over to the 3rd left-hand neighbors yard, and the biggest little rooster follows.

He goes back and forth all day, between his beautiful older ladies and his little flock. And then dusk falls. The rooster heads toward the shed. He keeps looking back at his beautiful ladies. He starts walking toward them, wanting so badly to be with them. He makes sure his flock is safe in the shed, and stands at the door, watching the beautiful ladies return to their run.. And curses the day he made himself flock leader. If ONLY he was lower in the pecking order. Then he could be with his beautiful ladies.
And with a huge sigh, he steps into his shed, already missing his ladies, and looking forward to tomorrow
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oh my that is wonderful!
Awesome tale! Sounds like there's a very sweet children's book about balancing our responsibilities and the things we want in there if you can add the illustrations.
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