The blackout ~ players needed!

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  2. The girl heard someone outside. She put her hand on the handle of her sharp dagger and she peeked outside. She saw a girl on a horse. She had a sword and looked scared half to death and also unsure. "What do you want?" She demanded, stepping out into view.
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  3. (Lol XD)
  4. Hunter stepped back slighty at the sudden appearence of someone in front of him. she shook his mane and snorted. asuna raised her sword slightly. "my name is Asuna" she introduced herself, "I followed the directions of a letter, and they led me here" she explained.
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  5. "So... Your here for the meeting." She said. "Ok... I'm sorry, I'm just trying to keep people from wondering into the meeting place." She placed one hand on her hip. "Your one of the newest members of the revolutionist?"
  6. (Btw, my sister got nominated for homecoming royalty at her school!! So she might be homecoming queen! She was soooooo shocked today when she found out. Cool, right?!)
  7. "revolutionists?" asuna asked, confused. she sheathed her sword. "i just followed the directions on here" she explained, pulling the folded paper out of her pocket and holding it down. "it's a letter i recieved a while ago, although it doesn't say who it's from."
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  8. (yeah, awesome!)
  9. "You shouldn't have have followed the directions." She said sharply. "I don't know who it's from, but I want you to turn around and leave. Never come back. Also, give me the paper and I'll get rid of it. You shouldn't be out this far into the woods." She said, holding out one hand for the paper.
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