The blackout ~ players needed!

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  1. (Make as many characters as you want, just keep track of them all. They all have to at least be RP'd once or twice a week. :D)
  2. (I'm on.)
  3. (Hullo.... I think I'll make my character now.)
  4. (Yay!)
  5. Name: S (Just the first letter in her name)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    History: She never felt accepted, like she wasn't ever good enough. Her mom died when she was born, her dad lives life normally but encouraged her to take self defense classes. Her favorite weapons are throwing daggers and a bow. (she has both)
    Personality: Quiet, far away
    Revolutionist: no
    Bio: She is smarter than she lets on but she is very secretive about her opinion. like her name,(Which shall remain unknown) she has ninja like qualities that allow her to hide from people with ease.
    Other: Normally wears a cloak so most of her features are hidden(Blonde hair and steely gray eyes)
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  6. (Accepted! I'm pretty sure I can guess her name. Lol.)
  7. (Gtg for a while. like 2-3 hours)
  8. (Betcha can't try and guess.)
  9. (Nvm it's more like 20-30 min)

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