The blackout ~ players needed!

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  1. ((Sorry I couldn't make people yet. My bro is hogging the cp))
  2. (It's ok.)

    (This is my girls horse:
  3. (She also has a bike. And Jackson has a bike, but no horse. She'll tell them her name soon. Just not yet.)
  4. Wintent

    Wintent Crowing

    Dec 26, 2012
    (This is Wintent's horse, Holly.
    [​IMG] )
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  5. (Hunter is a Gypsy vanner. they're my favourite breed of horse!)
  6. (Pretty.)
  7. (let's rp now!!!)
  8. (Lets RP now.)

    The girl leaned against the side of the inside of the plane, her ankles crossed as she stood there, her arms crossed over her chest, as she waited for the others to arrive.

    Jackson was sitting in the plane seat. His arms crossed over his chest too. He flipped his shaggy bangs from his face and waited, still wondering why the girl wouldn't say her name.
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  9. (Haha! Exactly what I said! Lol.)
  10. As hunter walked along the fenceline to the plane, asuna drew her sword with i muffled ssshhhiing. she held it down at her side, ready for anything. her other hand loosely gripped the reins. she came to the entrance of the plane, put the paper in her pocket, and cautiously looked around. should she go inside? she didn't quite know what to do now that she was there.

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