The Brahma Ain't Laying

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by VA from WV, Nov 3, 2009.

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    Sep 26, 2009
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    I have a 30+ week old Light Brahma who has laid a total of 3 eggs, none of which had appreciable shell. We have no egg eaters and she has no sign whatsoever of being eggbound.

    I have increased A, D and E intake, offered electrolyte, free choice oyster shell, extra protein, and...nothing.

    She is not being pecked or hurt by the birds that she is in with, is friendly, sweet, and even tempered. She's just not laying.

    I'd prefer to not put her on the menu, and will give her until Spring to figure it out. Is there anything I missed?

  2. Brahmas are not great layers to begin with averaging only 3 eggs per week and medium egg size. They are very late to mature. Hens require a minimum of 14 hours of light per day to maintain egg laying. Cold weather will play a factor with most hens.
    Our Light brahmas that we had were 34 weeks when we got rid of them and still had not laid their first egg. Don't give up hope. They are sweet birds and we are now working on Buff Brahma Bantams in our mixed flock. They don't eat as much as standards.
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    My sweet Trixie, a 6 month old light brahma is the only one of my flock of 6 mixed breeds that has not layed yet. She's so lovely and follows me around everywhere and she is very FAT! We love her and will allow her to lay whenever she's ready. [​IMG]
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    I had three light brahma hens that did not lay till they were 13 months old.i would guess they will start to lay this coming spring.Once my girls started laying they actually layed prett good.I would get 5 or 6 eggs per bird a week. [​IMG]

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    My LF brahmas are hatchery stock and as such may be more geared towards egg production than breeder quality birds. My first girl to lay was 19 weeks old, a light brahma. The last two were both dark brahmas and were 9 1/2 months old. Once they started laying they've been great. They didn't slow down at all their first winter. Now in their second winter they took a break to molt. Before the molt I was getting an average of 11 eggs a day, from 13 hens. Now almost all of them have finished their molt and my egg count has been climbing steadily for a week now. Yesterday I got 8 eggs (the most since they started molting) and today, seven. Obviously some of the girls are laying every day. I have one girl that lays a small egg; always has. The rest lay medium to large.
    I bet your girl is just a little late to mature. She'll get there. [​IMG]
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    Jun 4, 2009
    MY LB hen started laying at 39 weeks about a month ago. I expect my gold brahmas to lay sooner, because they have already begun coloring in their combs, they are now 27 weeks. I have roos of both varieties and it seems the LBs are just really slow. I'm sure the hatcheries have different genetics in their birds than show breeders (which is where my birds originate).

    With brahmas, you have to patient. Very patient. Just assume they will not lay until a year old and hope to be pleasantly surprised. [​IMG]

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