the broody virus is multiplying!


Artful Wings
12 Years
Mar 1, 2009
Muskogee OK
ok- i have never had a broody.... so my banty cochin girl went broody and hatched 5...too cool!! ummm..... now Flo the silky who just began laying a few months ago- she is outside except she insists on coming in to lay her egg- in my chair.... so she calls till i go get her and put her on 'her' chair- so yesterday i notice a couple feathers....hmmmmm..... so today she has a pile there and won't leave the chair, instead she melted into the chair.... so i moved her to a box in the living room- so i'll go collect some eggs from the banty cochin and nn hen- will be interesting to see what they look like... a nn cochin.....


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