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Aug 8, 2019
I'm so sorry to hear :hugs its so incredibly hard to lose a pet. :(

I'm not totally knowledgeable on 'quick killers' in rabbits, so maybe someone has more ideas, but the very first thing I thought of was GI stasis or block. If bad enough I know those two can happen quickly and are often deadly. Although if he was eating, I dunno if stasis would have worked that fast.

But again, I'm sorry for your loss. In a positive light, he sure did have the best owner ever! Bugs looked like he had an awesome life.
❤️ Bugs got to live a great life only cuz of u guys. U guys helped me so much ❤️ a big thanks to all of u ❤️❤️


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May 20, 2020
NE Ohio
Bugs died last night. Idk wht happened last night when I went upstairs to give him his dinner he ate all of it and I played with him and he was super active and binkying. This morning when I went upstairs I found him dead. 😭😭💔💔
:hugsIm so sorry! :hugs
it is possible he was older than you were told maybe. You were a good pet owner to Bugs🥰


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Sep 9, 2019
Central Virginia
Why is my black bunny doing this? It’s a female and not spayed. She is with my m lion head mix which I was told is female. I’ve never seen any mating or anything either.

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