The Buzzz in Bee's Hive


11 Years
Mar 6, 2008
Flemington, GA
I thought I would start a new topic where I could let you know what is happening in my hive.

I counted wrong on my second hatch, so today is day 21. This afternoon we saw our first pip of the seven eggs in the incubator. Two hours later, with not a lot of progress, but answering peeps when I talk to her, I see another pip... tiny triangle bit of shell missing.

The first is slowly... very slowly, chipping away. The second hasn't changed. As you know, this is the hardest part.... waiting.

Something humorous... My daughter was teasing me about frying chicken, dipped in scrambled egg batter and going back and forth, baby cooing at hatching chicks.
Four! We have four working at unzippin' their eggs! The first is a little bit farther along. It seems they like my nieces voice. She is talking to them and they all seem to be peepin' answers to her, which just excites her into talking to them more!

Still no sign with the other three.

Got to go see again myself but I'll be back to keep you posted. Fuzzy butts on the way!
I don't think I can stay awake much longer talking to pip's... but every time I tell them I'm going to bed and sleep, they start chirpping again. I think it's going to be hours still and might not see one hatch totally till tomorrow. If I had a working bee brain, I would go crash for a few hours then check them again.
Two fuzzy butts made their enterance into the world last night, one at about 4am and the other just before 6am. This morning, two are still slowly chippin' away. The other three eggs doesn't show any signs of a pip yet.
Just wanted to let you know. Going back to coo to my fuzzy butts and fix breakfast for everyone inbetween coo's.
Four! We have four fuzzy butts!

I wasn't sitting there so didn't see which came from which egg. They are still to wet to tell much. They are also 'mutts' being crossbreed and those two eggs were from two different hens.

It is hard to get a picture yet. The little windows on this incubator fogs up and I don't want to open, even for a picture. I will wait till they are dry, then get Mama to help so I can get a quick shot while she opens then closes, later today maybe.

There are still three eggs with no pip so I'm still waiting on them and don't want to mess with the temp/humidity.
Two more pip's! One farther along then the other but with this two, the count is...
four hatched

two pip... working on hatching :|
one, nothing yet

This is way better then my first hatch, two of five.
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