The BYC EXPERTS can be misleading-Grumble Grumble ;)

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    Jan 2, 2011
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    Ok this has to be one of my FAVORITE threads. I do LOVE looking at all the pics and best guessing myself, sharing the IMHO's and even at times on a previous name posted (and will in the future Im sure) pics of WHAT THE HECK IS THIS pics. [​IMG] I buy the oddball chicken from time to time just cuz its purdy [​IMG] and then get curious as to what it is, and if I want to try my hand at making more...I never do as I havent the time..but I like to think about it. [​IMG]

    I sell chickens, A LOT OF CHICKENS....mostly backyard layers to the city folks and then I have all the fancy and weird breeds for myself and to show or at least try too. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Most of what I sell, to ensure people are getting pullet chicks, come from the well known hatcheries. Some sell as chicks and I always hold back some to have later young laying pullets and some for my personal needs as I sell eggs to and am always rotating stock. I have NEVER had a bird come from a hatchery that wasnt what I bought...maybe not show quality, but they were THE BREED. A Buff was a Buff, A RIR a RIR etc.

    The other night I got a first...a SCATHING NASTY email [​IMG] from some cityslicker who had bought several PUREBRED pullet (young adult) hens from me awhile back. Now I alway ALWAYS recommend this site to any of my chicken buyers and most are on it already. But THIS PERSON had posted pics and got 12 different opinions of what I had sold him and this person went as far as saying that the ones I sold him WERE OLD BIRDS [​IMG] and MUTTS (how you can call a barred rock a mutt and old by a pic that clearly shows a bar is beyond me, and they WERE REALLY only 8 mo old). All from pics they posted here and from all the "expert" opinions.
    Well I again went over with this person what he had gotten from me, breeds, ages (as I keep track of that) and did even offer a full refund. Never to be heard from again of course after I wiki-pediaed this person to pieces! LOL.

    And I slept on what I had said to this person. And I got to fun as this thread is, and as many barnyard mutts are out there (which often just give more hybrid vigor and their eggs are still just as good and yummy) as well as purebreds that look NOTHING like pics of show birds of the same type....well this is what I came up with.

    1)People just like to be right, its feels good and it feels great when you know all your breeds so well you can ID any and all pics posted here and there are some people on here Ive noted that respond to EVERY PICTURE hmmmmm???!!!. But I have yet to have met that person who know ALL THEIR BREEDS. So opinions that are not 100% obvious should be regarded as" IMHO" Guessing IS FUN I like doing it too....but I only guess at breeds that I own or are familar with.
    2) When you post a SURE to include FEET/LEGS, COMBS, EARLOBES Tail feathers and make sure there is no funky weird flash reflections or that the pics wasnt taken in a dark barn or that Ms Chicken Little desided at the moment of your shutter click that the sky was falling and to RUN LIKE HECK. If you really want an IMHO as to what it is post SIDE VIEW at level with the chicken so leg lenth, number of toes and color can be seen, a close up of head/comb wattles and maybe even an over the bird shot, to get a good view of coloration.
    3) Take EVERY opinion with a grain of salt! Ive had horses over 40 years, Bred dogs for 20 have had chickens most of my life, seriously into chickens for the last 15 years or so and Im STILL learning and hope to always be learning about all. You should ALSO take everything with a grain of salt on here, not WORD IS LAW. Its a GREAT Starting point tho...get the opinions and then utizle google and bing and the SOP and search for images and COMPARE COMPARE COMPARE when in doubt, and keep in mind that sadly show birds and those thankfully preserving the true Heritage breeds and backyard birds of the same breed can look very differen, even when they are purebred!!!
    4) DONT TRY TO GUESS a birds age by its picture! LMAO...not like they are horses and we can pull their chicken lips back and have a look at their teeth. Pullets can look like hens, cockerals can look like roos! And EVEN some Boys can look like GURLS (young Sebrights/silkies etc) Breeds develop at different speeds and rates and then toss in what you are feeding/climate etc. and...well you get the picture.

    Again, Ill say it, its a GREAT FUN THREAD and I enjoy it alot, learn about breeds I dont deal with, and even despite the evil email from the disgruntled customer I do like playtime here. But keep in mind its a learning tool, a place to point and laugh, a place to wonder WHAT KINDA CHICKEN IS THAT etc. but its not the be all and end all in chicken breed research.

    There I feel mo' betta now! [​IMG][​IMG]
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    This is a non expert agreement but you are totally right. There are topics that I consider myself an expert in but you can ask a dozen other experts and you will probably get at least 2 other different answers. Its like that in anything. I know on here I have gotten great advice. Others times what feedback I got was totally off. It wasn't because they didn't know the breed or were not really expert with chickens. I just had one that did not follow the norm. Its great to get advice but we need to realize how limited getting it online can be. The person giving the advice is not right there looking at everything you see.

    I have a definitely roo who is now laying eggs to prove that!
  3. MissD'uccle

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    [​IMG] Whoo, you sound like you needed a hug! [​IMG] I completely understand your point though. I'd take it that the "cityslicker" who ranted on ya probably did a little more research and found out that you were right and didn't bother to take you up on your totally generous offer of a refund! Chickens can look so different, especially hatchery birds. And well, sometimes there are just those oddball chickies who don't really want to conform and you could swear aliens implanted something else into the eggs in your incubator that you just KNEW were pure! [​IMG] But, thats what makes chickens so cool, they're all different, even if just in a teeny tiny way! [​IMG]
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    I agree completely. I'd like to post a picture of one of my Ameraucanas and see how many say it's an Easter Egger [​IMG]

    Truly though, there is such a variety of people on BYC with a broad range of knowledge and experience. I think most of them don't pretend to know everything. I enjoy looking at the threads in "what breed or gender is this" but rarely post, since it really is not that obvious. I will try to guess, but so many don't come back and say, "Yep it was a rooster!" so who knows if I was right?

    I really do think if you spend a lot of time on here (like I have lately [​IMG]) you will learn which members know what they are talking about and most will admit what they have said is a guess or an opinion. Of course they can't be held responsible for the people who assume if it's in writing it must be true [​IMG]
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    Excellent points.

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    Jan 13, 2011
    Im Just Going To Say, That A Lot Of People On Here Do Know A Lot About Chickens, And Some Dont Know That Much, But If You Get The Same Multiple Response To What Breed, Gender Etc. It Is More Than Likely Going To Be Right. But As You Said Age Is A Hard Thing To Judge.
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    that's the problem with people (one of many actually [​IMG] ). they always like it when they're right and other people aren't. if a chicken is proven wrong, on the other hand, they give a little chickenny shrug, look you in the eye and ask for food [​IMG]
  8. BooBear

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    Oct 7, 2010
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    Hang in there.
    Yeah I like guessing on the breeds as it is fun.
    I bought some adorable silkies and Blueberry who was sold as a blue has striped cucko type feathers. So you never now what kinda jewels will pop up. She is a lil' beauty and fiesty to boot.
  9. TriciaHowe

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    I think what makes me the absolute CRAZIEST is when the person commenting has no idea what the breed is so they automatically say EE. Even though it looks nothing like an EE. And every chipmunk stripped chick must be an EE. Lets not talk about all of the partridge breeds that start off with chipmunk stripes......
    Sorry, just my pet peeve.

    Sorry you had the problem with your customer [​IMG]
  10. mldayton

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    Nov 24, 2010
    agreed! i like to post pics even when i know what they are just to see all the guesses;)

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