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11 Years
Sep 11, 2008
The Teen Asylum And Correctional Facility

(younger kids and adults are admitted upon request, your results may vary, not held responsible for lack of chickens, depression, lack of blood sugar, and you little sibling(s), or for the five year old egg in the fridge. )

(We may be held responsible for but not limited to)

lack of visits to the following sites,

My Pet Chicken. com
Ideal Hatchery
Murray McMurray hatchery
Ideal hatchery
Belt Hatchery
Cackle Hatchery
Dark Eggs Hatchery
Meyer Hatchery
Mt. Healthy Hatchery
Rochester Hatchery
Sand Hill Preservation
And the BYC Buy/Sell/Trade section.

No longer being yelled at for asking your parent and or guardian (or spouse) for more chickens/chicks/ducks or any other fowl.

feed cost staying low.

and chicken coop having more space.

This is were you go to get help from others just like you who need help.
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I HATE MPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justino and I are planing to steal/sue them.

I want all 12 chickens that I am alowed. Also, like, 150 meat quail.
heck yeah we are!!!! LOL they made us wait, and then it turned out the wait was to wait even longer!!!!!!!!!!!!
no u dont im just good LOL ask CEF

ok! lets not hijack!!!!! no tio bad! no hijacking!

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