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  1. Hi everyone,
    A friend just sent me some pics over whatsapp. She told me her neighbour donates to a charity that saves chickens from the industry and she received these pics of her "adoption chicken". She showed them to my friend and she's having a hard time believing that
    A. These are all pics of the same hen
    B. A comb can shrink this much
    The hen received an implant (?) to keep her from laying eggs because of the severe prolapse she had and according to the neighbour that's the reason the comb shrunk.
    I don't have the expertise to andere the questions properly so I was hoping you guys can help me out here. IMG-20181110-WA0008.jpg IMG-20181110-WA0007.jpg IMG-20181110-WA0006.jpg
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    Comb size is impacted by hormonal levels. The implant she was given has reduced/overridden these hormonal levels causing the reduction in comb size. She has been turned back into a healthy pullet looking bird. Dramatic improvement in condition.
  3. So you believe its the same hen?
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    :idunno It very well may be, but I have no way of knowing for sure. A lot depends upon the nature of the 'Rescue'. ie whether it is for real or is a scam.
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  5. That's what we're trying to find out.
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    For reference, here are two photos of my Leghorn at different times. Note the difference in comb size.



    Edited to add: First pic while laying and not molting. Second pic while molting and not laying. :)
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    When a bird is molting she stops laying eggs and so her comb gets smaller.
    Ancona pullet in summer.
    After a "mini molt"
    IMG_20181102_0725095_rewind.3.jpg we think stress caused her to molt.
    It's hard to believe it's the same bird.
    The other Ancona who was late to lay now has a larger comb and is laying!
    IMG_20181102_0724357_rewind.3.jpg horrible blurry picture that I need to delete, but you get the idea.
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  9. Thank you for the amazing and interesting responses. It clears up a lot for us. Thanks!
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    Okay color change I can buy. But the comb looks as though it’s been dubbed. Zoom in and count the points. Leg color. 3 different chickens IMO.
    #2. Especially
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