The Chick Chart Flock Software--> WITH MEAT SOFTWARE! ENDS SOON! QUICK

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    Jul 1, 2009

    All righty!


    Up for auction is the revolutionary software, The Chick Chart, coupled with the brand new Meat Market. This software tracks all aspects of meat raising chickens, and makes ordering more birds VERY easy! TOO easy, it could even be said! [​IMG] (It's all about chicken math, people! [​IMG] )

    Anyway, the classic Chick Chart has all these features:

    ^Fowl Records:
    }Track pedigrees
    }Track show records
    }Track acquisition info
    }Track selling/death info
    }Track medications
    ^Expense Records
    }Get your bottom line of poultry keeping!
    }Easy Add/Delete function
    }Sort by Date, Category, Description, or price
    ^Egg Production
    }Tracks how many eggs a day, color, date, and notes
    }Easy Add
    }Many different egg colors
    ^Manage Breeding Pens
    }Easy Addition of roosters and hens to your breeding pens
    }Keep track of goals and your progress
    }Keeps track of the exact animals in the pen
    }Keep track of all eating egg sales, and keep track of the customers who take the eggs!
    }Keep track of all hatching egg sales, allowing you to be able to always have an idea of what eggs should go places and when
    }Each time any order is completed, you are able to keep track of all the payment information
    ^Waiting List
    }Have people lined up for your goods? Quickly add/delete waiters in the list!
    ^Address Book
    }Keep track of all your chicken people!
    }Automatically spits out dates for hatching, turner removal, and date set using one button!
    }Keep track of each day's hatch; the survivors and the not-so-survivors.
    }Adaptable for all breeds!
    }Links directly in with brooding:
    }Each tab in the Brooding section has different methods of keeping track of your birds
    }Keep track of your birds up to 6 weeks of age, with all the information you'll ever need!
    }You are now able to keep track of the differences in litter/bulb color to see what you're doing right and wrong!
    ^Custom To Do Lists
    }Keep track of all them chores!

    and couple that with Meat Market, which has these features

    * Track growth with easy to use table
    * Automatically calculate Average Daily Gain, and Price per Pound
    * Easy ordering of more chickens, courtesy of McMurray Hatchery
    * Bios of each meat breed
    * Processing information, like how much weight lost
    * Easy finance management per raising, so you know EXACTLY how much you spent
    * Feed analysis section, you can see how many pounds of meat came from how many pounds food
    * Auto add of feed, you have to click two buttons (not even type!) and you are recorded!
    * EZ Death - See your causalties!

    You get a really good deal! There is a free version of meat market only, but it has 0 features compared to this version!


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